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The Excellence in Literature site offers resources for the study of literature and writing. You will find poetry, prose, articles on the craft of writing, and more. Many items are intended to provide context for the classic works studied in the Excellence in Literature curriculum, but many are also suitable for model-based writing practice.

Permalink structure update

Sometimes link updates and corrections are necessary. The biggest change is that we added sitewide security, so all of the links will now begin with https, rather than http. In addition, we simplified the permalink structure on the site.

This means that long links are now much shorter. For example, is now simply The new format combines the site name and article name, and leaves out the category information.

If you have one of the old long links, just select and delete the middle sections. You’ll end up with something like Alternatively, just type the author’s name or a few keywords from the article title into the search box, and the article and related items should pop up.

Note for users of the Excellence in Literature study guides

Many of the context resources listed in your study guides are hosted on this site. For the items we are not able to host, we have provided direct links in the study guides.

Although we do our best to link to context resources from stable, long-term sites, things occasionally change. Professors retire or move to a different university, reference sites change link structures, and so forth. As we discover these changes, we list them on the pages below.

Link updates

Level 1 Resource UpdatesIntroduction to Literature

Level 2 Resource Updates: Literature and Composition

Level 3 Resource Updates: American Literature

Level E4 Resource Updates: British Literature

Level 5 Resource Updates: World Literature

If you discover that a resource is no longer findable at the web address listed in the current edition of the study guide, please let us know via email.