EIL 3.1: Franklin Context

American Literature Module 3.1

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Study Guide: American Literature (Excellence in Literature, English 3)

Focus Text: Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Honors: The Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson

Letters From An American Farmer by J. Hector St. John De Crevecoeur

Or https://www.excellence-in-literature.com/letters-from-an-american-farmer-by-crevecoeur/

Context Resource Links

These links represent only the online resources referenced in this module. Instructions, background information, offline resources, and assignments are all found in the Excellence in Literature study guide listed above.


Jonathan Edwards:

Cotton Mather:

William Bradford:

John Winthrop:

Roger Williams:

The Author’s Life


Anne Bradstreet 

John Newton: “At the Close of the Year”

Phillis Wheatley

William Cowper “Light Shining Out of Darkness”


Video essay

Visual Arts


Historic Context

Places to Go


Week 2 assignment model

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