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Roman Poetry

The earliest Roman poetry (actually Latin poetry) dates back to the second century B. C. It is often understood as an adaptation of models originally designed by the Greeks. One of the most spectacular and...

Birthplace of Jonathan Swift.

Jonathan Swift Poetry

Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745) was an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer, poet and Anglican cleric best remembered in the literary world for his satirical novel, Gulliver’s Travels. As a writer, he developed close,...

Oscar Wilde Biography

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was an immensely gifted English writer who produced a large variety of work ranging from humorous to tragic. He had the capacity to be ridiculous (The Importance of Being Earnest) as well as deadly serious (De Profundis).

Jonathan Swift Biography

This Swift biography paints a vivid portrait of the life and works of Jonathan Swift, an early British novelist. Introduction to Literature, Module 1.9.

Gulliver’s Travels Movie

Gulliver’s Travels, the 1939 Movie Gulliver’s Travels, originally titled Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships, was...

Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses by Mark Twain

It is likely that the literary offenses of James Fenimore Cooper are no more dire than the offenses of at least half the authors represented in a modern bookstore, but Mark Twain certainly enjoyed humorously critiquing...

Jonathan Swift, author of A Modest Proposal and Gulliver's Travels

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

This famous satirical essay by Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, was intended to mock harsh attitudes towards the poor and to critique British policies relating to the Irish. It was originally published as...