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“A White Heron,” an 1886 short story by American author Sarah Orne Jewett, features Sylvia, a young girl who comes from a big city to live in the country with her grandmother. Focusing not on Sylvia’s transition to a different mode of life but rather on how immersion in that life affects her character and values, the story follows Sylvia as, searching for their cow one evening, she encounters a young ornithologist hunting for a rare bird. Soon, however, he makes a proposal that challenges Sylvia’s loyalty to the natural world she loves.

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If you would like to read along as you listen to “A White Heron” audio, we also host the full text of “The White Heron.”



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You will study Jewett in EIL Unit 1 (Short Stories) and as an Honors text in EIL 2.6


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