Anne Bradstreet Poetry

Anne Bradstreet poetry 

American poet Anne Bradstreet was an early resident of the Massachusetts town of Ipswich.

Anne Bradstreet is celebrated on the Agawam – Ipswich Historical Marker (text at bottom of post).

Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) was one of the first American poets, and her life and work evoke a vivid picture of Colonial America and reflect her Puritan faith and love for her family. Her work can be placed in the literary context of Renaissance (also known as Augustan) literature with its interest in the classical world, the humanities, and the practical application of religion. Anne received a thorough classical education in England before her family moved to the New World, and you can see this reflected in the quality of her poetry.

Here is a selection of the Anne Bradstreet poetry currently hosted here.

Text from the Agawam-Ipswich Historical Marker

“Among the founders and early residents of Ipswich – 1630 – were John Winthrop, Junior, scientist and industrial pioneer; Nathaniel Ward, lawmaker and wit; Richard Bellingham and Richard Saltonstall, magistrates who defended popular rights; Simon Bradstreet and his wife Anne, who wrote poetry of enduring beauty.”
Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Commission” Agawam – Ipswich
Photo by user Elizabeth Thomsen

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If you find Bradstreet interesting, you may want to read Beyond Stateliest Marble: The Passionate Femininity of Anne Bradstreet by Douglas Wilson, which is part of the Leaders in Action Series (affiliate link). I have not read it, but have seen decent reviews.