British Literature Videos

Each module has a page with links from the British Literature study guide, and those pages will have the most complete listings of all the helpful resources you’ll use for that module. However, I thought it might be helpful if we created a master list of the British literature videos viewed. We are always updating the resources we link to, so if you’ve found something wonderful you’d like to recommend, please feel free to message us.

Videos referenced in British Literature (E4)

Module 4.1

Beowulf battle scene performed by Benjamin Bagby

Module 4.2

Music by the medieval composer Thomas Tallis



Audio recording of English madrigal song “The Nightingale”

Knights of the Round Table 1953 movie trailer

The Sword in the Stone (Disney version of the King Arthur tale) movie trailer

Module 4.4

Short clip of Laurence Olivier playing King Lear

Module 4.5

Music inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost

Six Centuries of Verse, a television series hosted by John Gielgud, features Ian Richardson discussing and performing works from John Milton (video is after poem & author bio)

Module 4.6

Fan “trailer” for 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice

Module 4.7

Short (audio) recording of poet Robert Browning’s voice, plus a modern video animation

Great Expectations 1946 film

Module 4.8

Wuthering Heights 1939 movie trailer

Module 4.9

Virginia Woolf (audio recording)


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