We have a short list of great resources for the study of literature and language arts, as well as a few additional items for homeschooling through high school. Each title is linked to its description page, which will open in a new tab on Everyday Education, our parent company. Thank you for visiting Excellence in Literature!

Excellence in Literature Study Guides (Grades 8-12)

Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum: 5 years in one binder.

Each study guide offers a full school year of lessons, and is available in print or ebook version, as well as a print and ebook bundle for extra convenience.

1857 McGuffey Readers

1857 McGuffey Readers: Set of Six, Grades K-8

 Ungraded Language Arts Resources

Teach reading and writing with Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting.

High School Resources

 Prepare for high school with Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College.

Helpful Articles

 Resources from Everyday Education


Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12 offers challenging, self-directed courses that introduce students to full-length great literature in its historic and cultural context. Students will develop skills in writing and literary analysis as they study the great books.

  • English I and II provide foundational skills
  • English III and IV offer chronological surveys of American and British literature
  • English V focuses primarily on European literature
Optional Resources
  Shorter Oxford English Dictionary  (Amazon link)
  Invitation to the Classics:  A Guide to Books You’ve Always Wanted to Read by Louise Cowan and Os Guinness(Amazon link)


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