King Lear video excerpt

When studying a play, you should always watch it rather than just reading the text. Better still, watch more than one version, then try acting out a few scenes with your family or class. It will not only help you understand the play, but it’s also fun.

Here is a brief snippet from the beginning of a King Lear production with Laurence Olivier as Lear. You may want to watch it with subtitles, as the dialogue moves quickly.  You may find the full-length recording of this production at your local library or on the Amazon website.

King Lear excerpt

Other great actors have portrayed Lear as well. Of the King Lear excerpts below, which do you prefer?

King Lear audio recording with John Gielgud as Lear

Act 1, Scene 1 with Anthony Hopkins


Other British Literature (E4) videos