Mark Twain Images

With his luxuriant mustache and insouciant air, Mark Twain looked just like what he was—a satirically humorous creative author. These images, mostly from the Library of Congress, offer a glimpse of Twain and his life in the late 19th century. To learn more about Mark Twain, you may wish to read his biography, some of his writings (especially his amusing autobiography), or his poetry.

Samuel Clemens playing the piano, with Clara Clemens and her friend Miss Marie Nichols, c1908.

Mark Twain playing the piano with his wife, Clara Clemens, and her friend Miss Marie Nichols, c. 1908.

Mark Twain; from a glass negative

A portrait of Mark Twain; from a glass negative

Mark Twain caricature drawing

A caricature drawing of Mark Twain.

Mark Twain house

Mark Twain House and Museum, Carol Highsmith
Photo taken between 1980 – 2006
Library of Congress

Mark Twain images

“Mark Twain”, A. F. Bradley (NY), c1907 May 20, Library of Congress

Mark Twain, American Humorist

Illustration of Mark Twain, American Humorist

Twain's dining room

Dining room in Mark Twain’s house
Date and photographer unknown
Library of Congress