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Level 2 Resource Updates

Literature and Composition Updates Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, online resources often move unexpectedly to new addresses. Here are the most recent updates for Level 2: Literature and Composition. Module 1...

Self portrait by Raphael.

Art in Death Comes for the Archbishop

Artists mentioned Death Comes for the Archbishop include El Greco, Raphael, Titian, Jean-Georges Vibert, and Henri Fantin-Latour. If you own a copy of The Annotated Mona Lisa, study the work of these artists. If...

Father Vaillant: A Description

In the classic tradition, appearance was used to signify character. A hero or heroine was not only virtuous, but also handsome or beautiful, but a villain tended to be shifty-eyed, sneering, scowling, or otherwise less attractive. Why do you think Cather described Father Vaillant as she did?