Level 2 Resource Updates

Literature and Composition Updates

English II: Literature and CompositionDue to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, online resources often move unexpectedly to new addresses. Here are the most recent updates for Level 2: Literature and Composition.

Module 1 (E2.1)

Poetry: Richard Austin’s recitations of Hopkins’ poetry can now be found on the EIL site.

Visual Arts: The website where you can view Wyeth’s Robinson Crusoe illustrations has moved.

Historic Context: Alas, the website about Tobago as inspiration for Robinson Crusoe has disappeared, and nothing comparable is available. Nevertheless, you may enjoy reading Gideon Long’s BBC article about how Robinson Cruse Island (where Selkirk really lived) differs from the island in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.

Module 2 (E2.2)

Context Resources-Readings section: English teacher Ken Kifer’s website has moved.

Places to Go: The website with information about Walden Pond has moved, and so has the interactive map.

Module 4 (E2.4)

Poetry: The audio version of “The Hollow Men” has been updated to this video posted on the EIL site, which features the voice of T.S. Eliot giving a dramatic, poignant recitation of his own poem.

Visual Arts: The link for the modern art installation (inspired by Heart of Darkness) has been updated.

Module 5 (E2.5)

Context Resources-Readings: Professor Schakel’s website for Reason and Imagination in C. S. Lewis: A Study of “Till We Have Faces” has moved, as has his faculty page on the Hope University website

The Author’s Life: The Narnia movies website that hosted a Lewis biography is no longer available. Another brief biography may be found here, from the C. S. Lewis College, or you can read Dr. Bruce Edwards’s Lewis biography, available on the EIL site.

Poetry: Working It Out, Joseph Womack’s guide to George Herbert’s devotional poetry, is now back in print!

Places to Visit: The Sacred Destinations website is no longer hosting the referenced page of C.S. Lewis sites in Oxford. However, the C.S. Lewis Foundation offers a suggested walking tour to visit many of the same places.

Module 6 (E2.6)

Video: The PBS Documentary Willa Cather: The Road Is All is no longer available at the Shop Thirteen website, but it can still be purchased from Amazon.com or the PBS store.

Visual Arts: Dr. Nichols’s page of art related to Death Comes for the Archbishop has moved. (This page, with its many graphics, may be slow to load.)

Historic Context: The New Mexico Digital History Project has moved.

Module 7 (E2.7)

The Author’s Life: Sadly, the Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet website [shakespeare.palomar…] has announced that “Mr. Shakespeare is now retired.” Since the links on this website are no longer available, we refer you to the sites listed below instead:

-a Shakespeare biography

-a Shakespeare timeline

The Shakespeare Oxford site, home of “A Beginner’s Guide to the Shakespeare Authorship Problem” has now joined with the Shakespeare Fellowship; here’s the link for their updated introduction to the Shakespeare authorship question.

Video: If you are unable to watch Mark Antony’s funeral oration in the 1953 film, you may watch another performance of the speech here on the EIL site.

Visual Arts: The page of Julius Caesar artwork has moved.

Virtual Globe Theatre: The virtual tour of the Globe Theatre has moved.

Module 8 (E2.8)


An updated version of the medieval music article from the ORB is now available on the EIL site.

The websites for Ivory Consort have been updated to the following:


More updates for other levels of EIL