The Vulture by Hillaire Belloc

In Hilaire Belloc’s humorous book of More Beasts (for Worse Children), a companion volume to The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts, you will find poetic descriptions of real and imaginary beasts.  Many like “The Vulture” offer a tongue-in-cheek moral.

The Vulture

The Vulture, a poem by Hilaire Belloc

The Vulture eats between his meals,
And that’s the reason why
He very, very rarely feels
As well as you and I.

The Vulture, from More Beasts (for Worse Children) by Hilaire Belloc

His eye is dull, his head is bald,
His neck is growing thinner.
Oh! what a lesson for us all
To only eat at dinner!

The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts and More Beasts (for Worse Children) is available in a new single volume, but it might be best to look for an old volume as this one leaves “s” off both mentions of “beast” on the cover and in the description, which doesn’t bode well for the quality of its editing.

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“The Vulture” is in the public domain.

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