Wuthering Heights Family Trees

Wuthering Heights Family Trees

from Sara Selby

Wuthering Heights can prove difficult for the first-time reader. Because names are repeated for characters in different generations, confusion is understandable. A pedigree developed by Charles Percy Sanger in his essay “The Structure of Wuthering Heights” (which is reprinted on pages 331-336 in the Norton Critical Edition [3rd edition] of the novel) simplifies reading. Using the information provided by Sanger, the following charts have been compiled and are offered here:

The Brontë sisters loved the beautiful Haworth moors.

Haworth moor, West Yorkshire by Flickr.com user
Jacqueline Poggi
August 10, 2012
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The Earnshaw Line of Descent

The Linton Line of Descent

Catherine Linton’s Lineage

Linton Heathcliff’s Lineage

Hareton Earnshaw’s Lineage


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