Andrew Pudewa talks about Excellence in Literature

American Literature: Excellence in Literature: English 3It’s hard to believe that it has been ten years since the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) added Excellence in Literature’s  American Literature, British Literature, and World Literature to the IEW catalog to round out IEW’s upper grade literature offerings.

British Literature- Excellence in Literature: English 4In this brief video, Andrew Pudewa suggests using EIL for the scholar phase of learning, and talks about what makes Excellence in Literature different from other high school literature analysis courses. After this video was made, World Literature was also added to the IEW catalog, and the cover images were World Literature- Excellence in Literature: English 5updated (see current versions at left).

We continue to improve Excellence in Literature’s ease of use in several ways:

  • We have posted a page for each of the 45 EIL modules, indexed from the Study Guide Links index. This means that students can click directly on context resource links, rather than trying to type them in.
  • We are able to add interesting new links and resources as we find them.
  • We are able to quickly update links as needed (please let us know if you find one that needs to be updated!).
  • We have added a page for contact information for teachers and evaluators for Excellence in Literature, and will add more as we receive them.

Andrew Pudewa introduces Excellence in Literature

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