Comments from Excellence in Literature Users

Comments from Excellence in Literature Users

eil-1-5-3rd-ed-comp-curr-cover-vervante-5-1-14-v2We appreciate hearing from you about your Excellence in Literature experience. If you’d like to share a comment, just send us a message.

“This is only my third year using EIL, but it’s working very well for us, and I recommend it to all my friends. I’m so glad to have an academically challenging English option that is taught directly to the student, uses the classics, and encourages them to grow as a writer naturally, with practice, over time. Most of my friends dread teaching/grading writing and always try to farm that class out, but we rather enjoy it- and I was a biology major, not well versed in the classics at all!” Dawn, from China via email, 4/15/2020

“We love your program!!  My kids attend homeschool with a private tutor who has
used your series extensively with three out of four of her children, plus my two. She
has two in college and they have remarked that they could have never been ready for all the college writing requirements if it hadn’t been for this program. Thank you. . .”

Jo from Lexington, Kentucky, via e-mail

“I have used EiL Introduction to Literature with my youngest son and we both loved it!

You have done an excellent job at providing quality literature analysis and composition for the college bound high school student. The most appealing thing about Excellence in Literature is that so many of the works of literature you have chosen are interesting to boys.

I have been homeschooling my four sons over twenty years and each year it was a struggle to locate a strong literature program that contained classic works that would be interesting to boys/young men. EiL meets that very important requirement at our home and I jump at the chance to let other moms know that you have produced an excellent source of literary study. I am thrilled to recommend your products every chance I get. Thank you so much!”

Whitney from Mandeville, Louisiana, via e-mail