Level 1 Resource Updates

Introduction to Literature Updates

English I: Introduction to LiteratureDue to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, online resources often move unexpectedly to new addresses. Here are the most recent updates for Level 1: Introduction to Literature.

Module 1 (E1.1)

Focus Texts: A Worn Path is now available on our EIL website.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has moved.

Places to Go: The website for Eudora Welty’s home has moved.

Module 3 (E1.3)

The Author’s Life: The biography on the Mark Twain House and Museum website has moved.

Poetry: The “Idylls of the King” poem by Tennyson has moved.

Online: Mark Twain’s Mississippi has moved their home page.

Module 4 (E1.4)

Audio: If you would like to listen to a free audiobook of Jane Eyre, we recommend the version read by Elizabeth Klett, or this group production. Villette is also available on Librivox.

Additional reading: You can read the inscription on the Brontë burial vault on the Haworth Village website.

Module 5 (E1.5)

Context Resources-Readings: The Bernard Shaw quotes page has been updated.

The Author’s Life: Go to this updated link for the presentation speech for the Nobel Prize awarded to Shaw in 1925.

Visual Arts: Shaw’s sketches and first editions available from Brown University Library have moved.

Module 6 (E1.6)

Readings: The link for Robert Louis Stevenson’s letters has moved, and you can now find more of Stevenson’s writings available here.

Module 7 (E1.7): Animal Farm by George Orwell

Music: The synapseproductions website is no longer recommended. For information about the musical version of Animal Farm, you’ll want to visit this page on the Dramatic Publishing website instead.

Module 8 (E1.8)

Context Resources-Readings: The link for a summary and character lists for The Tempest has been updated.

About the Author: Sadly, the Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet website [shakespeare.palomar…] has announced that “Mr. Shakespeare is now retired.” Since the links on this website are no longer available, we refer you to the sites listed below instead.

-a Shakespeare biography

-a Shakespeare timeline

Visual Arts: The virtual tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has moved.

Places to Go: The website for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has moved.


More updates for other levels of EIL


The entirety of the Excellence in Literature curriculum can be found here, along with a detailed description of EIL Level 1 (Introduction to Literature).