Richard Austin Recites Hopkins’ Poetry

Richard Austin Recites Hopkins’ Poetry

Richard Austin recites Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry all over the world.Richard Austin grew up in the same corner of England as Gerard Manley Hopkins. Thus blessed with the correct native accent, he now recites Hopkins’ poetry all over the world.

Austin discovered this poetry as a young man, when the poignant verses of Hopkins soothed his soul in the face of personal tragedy. He trained as an actor, worked extensively in theater and television, and devoted himself to memorizing Hopkins’ poetry.

In 2003, he released an audio CD of his Hopkins recordings, entitled Back to Beauty’s Giver. Although his inspiring performances and master classes are in demand at Hopkins societies, conferences, universities, and colleges around the globe, he still enjoys reciting poetry with new friends at small gatherings.

Excellence in Literature is very grateful that Richard Austin has graciously shared with us a few excerpts from his CD Back to Beauty’s Giver:

Pied Beauty (read the poem here)

The Windhover (read the poem here)

God’s Grandeur (read the poem here)

If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of Richard Austin’s live performances, don’t miss it! Listening to him bring Hopkins’ poetry alive is an unforgettable experience.

If you would like to learn more about Gerard Manley Hopkins, you may enjoy this analytical biography.


These recordings are available here for educational purposes only, with the permission of Richard Austin, who retains copyright to this work.