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William Sydney Porter (O. Henry)

O. Henry Biography

In this 1922 O. Henry bio, you’ll learn about a surprising twist in the life of author William Sydney Porter, known for short stories with surprise endings. 

Edgar Allan Poe, from a 1904 daguerrotype.

Edgar Allan Poe Resources

Many writers in the American canon have written both poetry and prose; few, however, are equally known for both. Edgar Allan Poe was one such writer. Indeed, it is almost as difficult to find...

Poetry by Mark Twain

Poetry by Mark Twain

Mark Twain Poetry Although Mark Twain was best known for being a satirist and a humorously creative author, he also wrote a few poems. We have referenced these six in our curriculum, including in...

In the Year 2889 by Jules Verne

In the Year 2889 By Jules Verne Edited by Blake Linton Editor’s Notes by Blake Linton In 1885, James Gordon Bennett, Jr., owner of the New York Herald (the same man who sent Stanley...

Jules Verne at Home (1894 Interview)

Jules Verne at Home: His Own Account of His Life and Work Reported by R. H. Sherard in McClure’s Magazine, January 1894 Edited to HTML by Zvi Har’El “The great regret of my life is...