Edgar Allan Poe Resources

Many writers in the American canon have written both poetry and prose; few, however, are equally known for both. Edgar Allan Poe was one such writer. Indeed, it is almost as difficult to find someone who has not read The Tell-Tale Heart or The Cask of Amontillado as it is to find someone who cannot complete the quote “Quoth the raven, _____.” Poe, a man whose personal life was almost as tragic and macabre as his literary one, wrote many more stories and poems than these, of course, and EIL has collected the following resources to help students gain a broader understanding of his work.

Edgar Allan Poe Poetry:

Short stories:

Last, but not least, Poe has the honor of being mocked (along with other great writers) in “A Fable for Critics” by James Russell Lowell.

If you want to read more, the excellent website PoeStories.com has additional poems, short stories, and information about Poe’s life.


When will you read Edgar Allen Poe’s writing in Excellence in Literature?

You will study Poe in several places in the EIL curriculum, including EIL Unit 1 (Introduction to Literature) and EIL Unit 3 (American Literature)