Trailer for Around the World in 80 Days (1956)

A proflic and beloved writer of adventure stories and science-fiction (he features prominently in our article on Books Boys Like), it’s no surprise that Jules Verne’s work has been adapted for various mediums. One of our favorites here at EIL is the 1956 film of Around the World in 80 Days, directed by Michael Anderson and starring David Niven, Cantinflas and Shirley MacLaine. We think you’ll enjoy it as well and have provided the trailer for the film below so you can decide whether you’d like to watch it (Yes, the video begins by showing a modern rocket — keep watching! This is the correct trailer for this film.)

The film won numerous awards from the New York Film Critics Circle, the Writers Guild of America and the Golden Globes. Nothing, however, was more impressive than its showing at the Oscars, where it was nominated for eight awards and won five including Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Original Score, an even more remarkable feat when you consider the fact that it won against such notable films as The Ten Commandments and The King and I.


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To learn more about Jules Verne, you may read this fascinating interview he gave in 1894 or enjoy our free copy of his short story, In the Year 2889, courtesy of EIL.


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