Level 3 Resource Updates

American Literature Updates

American Literature: Excellence in Literature: English 3Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, online resources often move unexpectedly to new addresses. Here are the updates for Level 3: American Literature that have happened since the most recent release of the EIL curriculum.

Module 1 (E3.1)

Context Resources-Readings:

The William Bradford information at the Pilgrim Hall Museum site has been newly divided and moved. It can be found here and here.

The link for A Key Into the Language of America by Roger Williams has moved.

The Author’s Life: The Franklin Institute Science Museum article has moved.

Music: There are updated links for the Franklin Institute information about the glass armonica.

Module 2 (E3.2)

Readings: The link for “A Fable for Critics” has been updated to our site, where you’ll find the entire poem–just skim this, making sure you read the parts on the famous authors listed at the top of each section.

Audio: The link to find Washington Irving works on Librivox has moved.

Module 3 (E3.3)

Historic Context: The story of the Hochstetler Massacre has moved.

Module 4 (E3.4)

Places to Go: The link for Hawthorne’s birthplace has moved.

Module 5 (E3.5)

Readings: The Penguin study guide for Moby Dick has moved.

Poetry–Walt Whitman: The CliffsNotes analysis of “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” has moved.

Module 6 (E3.6)

Visual Arts: Details about the Huck Finn lithograph by artist Thomas Hart Benton can easily be found by following this more specific link.

Module 7 (E3.7)

Poetry: Marianne Moore’s poem entitled “Poetry” has moved.

Music: Videos of several pieces of the music (by Haydn, Borodin, & Mozart) featured on the House of Mirth movie soundtrack can now be found on the EIL site.

Places to Go: The French-language biography of Edith Wharton has been updated–now available from the Terres d’écrivains website about places associated with famous writers in France.

Module 8 (E3.8)

Readings: The University of South Carolina’s Fitzgerald site has changed—here’s our guide to the resources still available from their Fitzgerald collection.

Poetry: Use these updated links for the poems “Of Modern Poetry” and “A Postcard from the Volcano” by Wallace Stevens.

Audio: The link for Fitzgerald audio recordings has been updated.

Visual Arts: Go here for information about Erté’s life (click on Artist’s Gallery, at the bottom of the biography, to see his work).


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