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British Literature Updates

British Literature- Excellence in Literature: English 4Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, online resources sometimes move unexpectedly to new addresses. Here are the most recent updates for Level 4: British Literature.

Remember, you can always type a few words into the search box on this site to come up with related resource updates.

Module 1 (E4.1)

Music: The interview with Benjamin Bagby has moved.

Visual Arts: The Medieval Art and Architecture website has moved.

Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics by J. R. R. Tolkien or here.

Module 2 (E4.2)

The Author’s Life: The link for the Mark Steel video on Chaucer has moved.

Audio: Professor Baragona’s page of Chaucer recordings has moved.

Music: Professor Baragona’s page of fourteenth-century music has moved.

Visual Arts: The link for the historical Chaucer editions at the Univ. of Wisconsin has moved (don’t miss the Ellesmere Manuscript images, either).

The Victoria and Albert Museum website’s information on Gothic art has been updated. (The virtual tour of the Gothic exhibit seems to have disappeared, but there’s still lots worth exploring on their site.)

Historic Context: The website What Every Medievalist Should Know (WEMSK) by Professor James Marchand has moved.

Module 3 (E4.3)

Focus texts: The introductory materials for The Faerie Queene are now available on our EIL site.

Context Resources-Readings: The definition of allegory has moved to Ted Nellen’s excellent Cyber English website.

Poetry: Tennyson’s poem Idylls of the King has moved.

Visual Arts: The link for the painting of Queen Guenevere by William Morris has moved.

The Arthurian engravings by Françoise Taylor have moved.

Module 4 (E4.4)

Context readings: The Penguin Classics Teachers’ Guide has moved.

About the Author: Sadly, the Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet website [shakespeare.palomar…] has announced that “Mr. Shakespeare is now retired.” Since the links on this website are no longer available, we refer you to the resources listed below instead.

Shakespeare biography

Shakespeare timeline

The Shakespeare Oxford site, home of “A Beginner’s Guide to the Shakespeare Authorship Problem” has now joined with the Shakespeare Fellowship; here’s the link for their updated introduction to the Shakespeare authorship question.

Poetry: Shakespeare’s poems and sonnets can be found:

-at the Poetry Foundation

-at Representative Poetry Online

Historical Context: The link for the Norton summary of the sixteenth-century literary world has moved.

Virtual Globe Theatre: The virtual tour of the Globe Theatre has moved.

Module 5 (E4.5)

Poetry: Working It Out, Joseph Womack’s guide to George Herbert’s devotional poetry, is now back in print!

Module 6 (E4.6)

Context Readings: The online, interactive version of Jane Austen’s History of England has moved.

The Author’s Life: The Austen biography hosted on the Galegroup website has been replaced by a Victorian Web biography.

Historical Context: The essay “Understanding the society in which Jane Austen sets Pride and Prejudice,” by Pamela Whalan, has been updated by the author; the essay is now entitled “The Social Background of Pride and Prejudice” and is available on the EIL website.

Just for Fun: The Derbyshire Writers’ Guild has moved.

Module 7 (E4.7)

The Author’s Life: G.K. Chesterton’s biography of Dickens has moved.

The Dickens biography on the Telling Trails website has moved.

The Dickens biography hosted by PerryWeb has moved.

Just for Fun: The link for Lee Jackson’s Dictionary of Victorian London has moved.

Module 8 (E4.8)

Context Resources-Readings:

The first Norton link (regarding Romantic literature and the Gothic influence) has been updated.

The definition of a Byronic hero can now be found on Dr. Kip Wheeler’s website for his students at Carson-Newman College.

Places to Go: The Brontë Society website has moved.

Assignment Schedule, Week 2: The feature article format guide from PR Newswire has moved.

Module 9 (E4.9)

Poetry: Richard Austin’s recitations of Hopkins’ poetry can now be found on the EIL site.

Visual Arts:

Cubism: Pablo Picasso’s Le guitariste [Guitar Player] (1910) can now be found here.

Photos from a dramatic production of To the Lighthouse: This resource is no longer available; please refer to other materials in the visual arts section.

Places to Go: The link for Monk’s House, Virginia Woolf’s home, has been updated.


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