Shakespeare Resources

Why do William Shakespeare’s plays still touch us today? This Renaissance playwright, poet, and actor had a unique way with words and a timeless grasp of human nature.  His works are considered to be some of the greatest classics in the English language. Learn more by exploring these Shakespeare resources, including articles and audio/video resources.

Shakespeare Resources

William Shakespeare, date and artist unknown

William Shakespeare (lived 1564-1616)

Acting & Understanding

All the World’s a Stage (The Seven Ages of Man)

An overview of the Renaissance


The Tempest:

King Lear:

Julius Caesar

There is much to learn, and still more questions, about Shakespeare’s life, but here’s a short video introduction to get you started:

Harold Bloom on Shakespeare

As you read and view these Shakespeare resources, consider all of Shakespeare’s life and writing in the context of his time. You may read more about the context of his work in “Put Shakespeare in Context” from Theatrefolk.”

Virtual tour of the Blackfriars Theater in Staunton, Virginia

You will study William Shakespeare’s plays in three Excellence in Literature modules. In EIL 1.8, you will read Julius Caesar, a history play. In EIL 2.7, you will study The Tempest, a comedy. And in EIL 4.4, you will study King Lear, one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. Enjoy!

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