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Chesterton, that “Colossal Genius”

Gilbert Keith (G.K.) ChestertonGilbert Keith Chesterton (1874 – 1936), popularly known as G. K. Chesterton, was a prolific British writer, lay theologian, poet, dramatist, journalist, orator, literary and art critic, biographer, and Christian apologist. His published writings also include history, philosophy, and fiction, including the delightful Father Brown mysteries.

Chesterton was noted for his use of humor and paradox, and was described as “a colossal genius” by his good friend and debate opponent, George Bernard Shaw. C. S. Lewis cited Chesterton’s book, The Everlasting Man, as having had a significant influence on his life and conversion. You may learn more about Chesterton by reading through his works and other information listed at the links below, including the video at the bottom of this page.

Short works by G. K. Chesterton

A Short History of England

Robert Louis Stevenson biography

“The Red Angel” [Essay on fairy tales]

Introduction to Aesop’s Fables

“The Slavery of Free Verse”


Chesterton Quotes

More information about Chesterton

The Humor of George Bernard Shaw and G. K. Chesterton

Cultural background: Modernism, faith, and intellectuals in 20th-century Britain

Here is a video about G. K. Chesterton, by one of his biographers, Joseph Pearce.

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