Level 5 Resource Updates

World Literature Updates

World Literature- Excellence in Literature: English 5Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, online resources often move unexpectedly to new addresses. Here are the updates for Level 5: World Literature that have happened since the most recent release of the EIL curriculum.

Module 1 (E5.1)

Context Resources-Readings: Deborah Stokol’s website is no longer recommendedinstead, please go to the EIL website page to read her letter entitled, “Why We Read The Odyssey.

Cheryl Lowe’s article, “Why Study the Pagans?” has moved.

The Author’s Life and Historical Context: The PBS interview with Robert Fagles has been removed, unfortunately, but the article is still available via archive, and there are several good interviews available courtesy of C-SPAN.

Visual Arts: The University of Pennsylvania map of Odysseus’ journey has moved.

Just for Fun: The Trojan War Game link has been updated.

The Norton Odyssey quiz has moved.

Vocabulary: The Odyssey vocabulary guide has been removed, though there is a decent one available here.

Module 2 (E5.2)

Historic Context: The ancient world timeline from Norton has moved.

Just for Fun: The Norton quiz on Antigone has moved.

Module 3 (E5.3)

Visual Arts: The link for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website has moved.

Historic Context: The following links have been updated:

Roman Water Wheel (video)

Weapons of the Roman Empire (video)

The Norton Roman history overview has moved.

Just for Fun: the website below is no longer recommended.

“For an additional challenge, here’s a crossword puzzle on Aeneid characters.
Please note that this website is no longer recommended.

Module 4 (E5.4)

Poetry: Sadly, the German website formerly listed for Vogelweide and Dante poetry has disappeared; however, you can read works by both writers in rhymed translations at this website.

Historic Context: The Florence timeline links have been updated to these more detailed timelines.

The Norton Anthology link for“The Formation of Western Literature” has moved.

Module 5 (E5.5)

Historic Context: The Norton links for “The Renaissance in Europe” and the period timeline have moved to new addresses.

Module 6 (E5.6)

Context Resources-Readings: The Norton Anthology cultural context timeline has moved

The Penguin Reading Guide has also moved.

Poetry: The link for Victor Hugo’s poetry has moved to this website, which offers some translated samples of his poetry. Either pick a poem in the drop-down field near the top of the page, or choose one of the offsite links for more translated poems (some presented in bilingual form).

Historical Context: The overview of Romanticism by Paul Brians has moved.

Lilia Melani’s “Introduction to Romanticism” is now available on the EIL site.

Module 7 (E5.7)

Context Resources-Readings Updates:

The Norton link for “Realism and Symbolism” has moved.

Study guides for “The Grand Inquisitor” have been updated to the following links:

-from Bruce Foltz, Eckerd College

-from Steven Alan Samson, Liberty University

The First Things article on “The Grand Inquisitor” by Ralph Wood has moved.

Visual Arts: The Hermitage Museum website has been updated. Here’s the new link for the English-language homepage. Although the other resources mentioned seem to have disappeared, the exhibit page for Russian Art and Culture will help you visualize the setting for what you’re reading.

Places to Go: The link for the Fabergé collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) has moved. Although a few of these pieces are currently on display at the VMFA, until mid-2016 most of the collection is traveling to several locations in North America and Asia, so check the list to see if it will be in your area.

Module 8 (E5.8)

Context Resources-Readings:

John Whiton’s essay on understanding Goethe’s Faust from a classical, Christian (not just Catholic) perspective has moved.

Look for the definition of sturm und drang in your home dictionary or in our glossary. A good introduction to this literary movement can be found at the archive of Dr. Paul Roebuck’s website.

If you do not have the Norton Anthology of World Literature, Volume E, where you can read an excellent overview of “Revolution and Romanticism in Europe and America” and the background information at the beginning of the section on Goethe, then read through the information at the following updated links:

-An Age of Revolutions (The titles at this link seem to be mixed-up, so click on “At the Crossroads of Empire: Vietnam, India, China” to read about the revolutions in Europe and America.)

Romanticism/Romantic Period overview from Dr. Craig White

Audio: Ken Boa’s audio analysis of Faust is now available here.

Module 5.9

Visual Arts: The website with information about filming locations for “Babette’s Feast” has disappeared; it has been replaced by this website with photos of Maarup Church (one of the filming locations).

Historic Context: Leah Wolfson’s overview of Isak Dinesen’s colonial work has moved.


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